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how maryland advocates are working to raise awareness. what's in store for sunday's weather? all the answers. >> you are watching wbal tv 11. live. local. late breaking. this is 11 news tonight at 11:00. >> our big story tonight, an environmental mess in a baltimore county neighborhood. more than a dozen homes will be demolished following a settlement between home owners and the big oil company. >> hess gas stations it's right behind this house and neighborhood -- this towson neighborhood but people say it is not been a good neighbor. >> look at it. >> less than believe is the effect of years of underground fuel contamination from this gas
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station on joppa road to homes in lockraven village. 60 homes have not been bought by has -- by hess and are expected to be demolished. it is part of a legal settlement between those home owners and hess. >> i would have preferred some steps earlier by the gasoline company to deal with this. >> they started investigating a fuel leak in 1987 the underground storage tanks at the hess. those tanks were removed in 1991 and a liquid fuel has been detected since 1995. but the department says there are still low levels of fuel contamination in the ground water, resulting in a continued some -- continued reports of gas odors. >> you can smell it right here. >> none of the home owners who settled with talk to us but we did talk to this man and his
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nephew who were not included in the settlement because they were told they contamination stopped 5 feet from their property. but the fumes and the oil slick and water was gushing from the back coming directly into our backyard. we are right behind the gas station. >> they say the department took samples from the house about a year ago. >> they never got back with me with any information. it was like we were left out in the cold. >> and left with the uneasy over. but you do not even want a strike a match out here. it cannot be healthy for us. >> state officials said the contamination has not affected the drinking water because the homes are on public water. as for the land where the homes will be demolished, sources say
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it will probably turn into a park if the land is cleared of contamination. >> thank you. baltimore city police are investigating a fatal hit and run accident that happened early this morning in north east baltimore. a car hit a man charlie before 2:00 a.m. in the 5300 block of frankford avenue. he later died at a hospital. officials are searching for a black four-door mazda was to women inside an impartial merriment tide of 5183 or 5189. please respond to the 300 block of eaast north avenue for a shooting. it found a man with multiple gunshot mullins. the victim was transported to an area hospital. no word on his condition or possible suspects. an early-morning house fire in anne arundel county sent two to the hospital. both are expected to survive.
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the home was in davidsonville. unclear what caused the fire. >> john collins is here with the first look the forecast. a pretty day. >> it was. very nice. i think we will be able to hold this together. let's look at the numbers today. 53 was the high at the airport. typical is 56. a couple of degrees off the mark but who was going to complain? below this morning was 29 degrees. on the left half of the grass where the temperatures have been. it has come up a bit since four days ago. where we are going is on the right side of the screen. on turkey day, the temperatures will be on the rise. the red line indicates the typical high which is 56. just above that by the time we hit thanksgiving day. rain chances, i'm optimistic but we have some explaining to do
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and i will talk about that. >> thank you. inouye played out in park heights. andnizers from mcdonald's other companies and area residents chipped in, based on designs drawn by children. >> be transformed three lots -- we transform three lots into a vital place space for children in this community who have few safe outdoor places to play. >> the playground is the third of 12 scheduled to be billed by next year -- to be built next year. >> once a year, balloons mark the joy that takes place inside the clarence mitchell court
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house in baltimore. it is national adoption date. model of wilkins and his wife, it means to 15 year old boys living in foster care officially become their sons. [applause] >> it is making it comes together, saying that they are my sons and that we are family. >> it just makes you feel good. >> 32 children were adopted in baltimore and hundreds of other courthouses across the country experienced the same warm feeling. >> it is important to promote the need for families. >> people come and go but families are forever.
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>> giving banks early this holiday season. long overdue for baltimore's newest family. >> thank you for allowing us to be with you guys. thank you for opening up to our house. i do love you guys and i am proud of you. >> coming up, president obama taking his first trip since his reelection to strengthen u.s. ties overseas. he is going where no other american president has gone before. >> i'll be bought a pair of baltic. the drawing is minutes away.
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♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ >> president obama on his way to asia now. on monday, he will be the first
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sitting american president to visit me and mark -- myanmar. >> president obama took off for asia on his first overseas trip since winning reelection. he will be attending a summit of asian leaders of the cambodia and stopping in the myanmar where he will meet a fellow nobel laureate. he cannot escape the looming crisis in the middle east. >> we are one step short of an all out ground operation in the dots that. >> israel has deadlyl attacks with hamas. or risk taking the nation over fiscal cliff that could imperil the economy. susan rice and her statements
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about the day attack in benghazi and whether they make are unfit to serve as secretary of state. david petraeus was not talking about a sex scandal that is still sending shock waves through the capital. for the peasant -- president, no vacation after a busy week. >> there is no let up in the air battle between israelis and palestinian militants in gaza. 160 rockets launched into israel today, including two targets in libya. the official said 46 palestinians and three israelis have been killed so far in this for a fight. estelle was missouri man confessed of plotting to shoot a screening of -- a missouri man confessed to plotting to issued its meaning of twilight.
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he's been charged with first- degree assault and making it terrorist threat. prosecutors plan to ask for a mental exam. federal of investigators are continuing to review the get the he deadly train accident. the warning bells and signals were activated 20 seconds before the accident and the float to not go on the tracks until several seconds later after the guard rail began lowering. no mechanical problems are found with the train or the tracks. back with a look at the forecast. >> things are essentially dry. temperatures of paper this time of year. nothing unusual as we go into things giving. we will be watching some stuff to the south. 35. high, thin clouds overhead but a
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>> get your power ball tickets ready. she hoped the ticket she bought would be the winner. the jackpot has been rolling since october 6. in dead and almost a year since we had a winner in maryland. sinces been almost a year we had a winner in maryland. >> now, your 11 insta weather plus forecast with john collins. >> we have a little service to the south. high, thin clouds. rain way south of us today. getting to the carolinas tomorrow. a little disturbance upper midwest, moving into the great lakes. most of the stormy weather is out on the west coast. it has been unsettled out there for the past several days.
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we had a nice day today. temperatures a little below the average for the season with a high of only 53 degrees. now, down to 48. annapolis, 47. salisbury, and the mall. the board like -- 51 degrees. the board walk. here are those thin, high clouds. you can see the stars through these things. it is coming from this disturbance to the south which has expanded it is a bit -- expanded a little bit. this will be spinning around down there. rightabout thanksgiving. it is as high pressure which is holding this thing away from us. a lease for the time being. all the stormy weather in the west coast will not be a new element in our weather, at least for the next several days. tonight, high, thin clouds and
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cold. otherwise, driving -- dry and what you would expect this time of year. tomorrow, a few more clouds. today, scattered clouds but still some nice weather. temperatures in the same rates. low 50's. temperatures a little on the chilly side for this time of year. in the bay, the wind picks up a little bit on the open waters. a 2 ft. chopper is expected on the open waters of the bay. tomorrow evening, the ravens steelers game lead in the pittsburgh. mostly clear skies. it will be chilly. in will be played with temperatures only in the 40 posen. -- it will be played with temperatures only in the 40's. we are not getting extremely cold weather here but there is a southern branch of the jet stream around the south.
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nothing tivoli push it out. it will meander over the southeast u.s. -- nothing to really push it out. it will meander over the sou thewast u.s. by thanksgiving, it will be far enough off shore. not an issue in our forecast. that is the game plan now. we will see what happens. in the 50's wll week long. -- all week long. this is not a bad forecast. >> we are getting about a whole big ten situation. a possibility of maryland moving into the big tent. the latest on that and the terps on the field today.
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>> big money tonight. get ready. this is powerball. an estimate $219.2 million. good luck. here are the numbers -- 15, 59, 27, 58, 3. the winning powerball number -- 20. >> this is 11 sports.
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>> rumor for more than two years may finally become a reality. several news outlets report the university of maryland is in negotiations along with rutgers to join the big 10. a charter member of the acc, airline would have to pay $50,000,000.50. university trustees could vote early this week on whether or not to leave. the best reason to move -- more money. us reasons to stay, tradition and geography. -- best reasons to stay, tradition and geography. 10 yards, 14-0, florida state. he looks nothing like a linebacker play quarterback. great effort here. kevin dorsey into the end zone. the terps are not bowl eligible
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at the end of 2012. final game of the year in annapolis, hosting a texas state. noah copland. 7-0, navy. third quarter. same guy. 16 yards. a 14-0 lead. to cap off, gg gren -- green. a 10 yard touchdown. three weeks until they face the army. towson struggle against a few spots this weekend but the tigers turned it on the second half of the season with their first ever win in new hampshire and can earn a second title. it did not start well with the tigers. this was a down roar. andy -- 77 yards for the
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quarterback. there he goes. 7-0, new hampshire. terence west. 236 yards. game tied at 7 there. 2nd quarter. domnic booker. towson gets a 64-35 victory. johns hopkins looking for its first ever win and a home playoff game against washington and jefferson. the qb keeper. in from 7 yards. bluejays stay in the first quarter. daniel -- the bubble screen. 14-0. 52 yards. 2 plays later, the jays cap off
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the drive. hopkins gets it done. 42-10. congratulations to john hopkins women's cross country team. national champions for the first time tonight. first-ever women's national title in any sport. sampras won the same title. -- st. won the same title. johnny united stadium in towson. there is matt, happy to take advantage. a couple of plays later. wyatt dickerson take the pitch. muscles as way in. 14-0. the greyhounds go on to win a final of 35-7. tavon austin, 344 yards for
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>> rain chances minimal early in the week. by thanksgiving, we look good. >> thank you. thank you bridge turning us. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute on c-span. next on "book notes," author paula broadwell discusses "all in" her in depth study of the life and career of general david petraeus.

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